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March 7, 2017

Permission is Freedom

 Permission is Freedom There was a time not long ago that I fought feelings of sadness and despair.  Both of my parents and a favorite uncle had all passed in less than a year.  As well, I was in the middle of big and tough changes in my life personally and professionally. I tried to force happiness and control back into my life.  Although I said I was happy and all was fine, I really wasn’t. The grief was so deep that I wasn’t able to give myself permission to mourn the loss of my loved ones. It was just […]
March 7, 2017

Do You Treat Yourself as Well as You Treat your Family and Friends?

 Do You Treat Yourself as Well as You Treat your Family and Friends? It seems like an easy enough question.  Oddly though for so many of us the answer is no.  Until very recently I did not treat myself as well as I do my family and friends. Growing up in an environment that especially as a woman, everyone i.e. children, men, family and friends are always taken care of first.  I learned that it was vain or self-indulgent to put myself first.  This was something that was taught to women in our family generation to generation. Gratefully I did […]
August 16, 2016

Breaking Free

Breaking Free There have been many times in my life where I’ve felt stuck. Not knowing which way to go, left, right, forward, backward. Choosing to move feels like a huge undertaking. So instead I choose to stay in my safe cocoon until I am ready again to break through and enjoy my amazing life. Lessons I have learned from this life process: Listen to my true and authentic self. Intuitively I know when I’m ready to leave my safe place. Having the support of people who love me and want to see me succeed is key. They are always […]
July 12, 2016

It’s About “Being Personal”

Everything Should Be About “Being Personal” Each day that I’m working on and in my business, my passion, what I love being and doing, I am so grateful that what I offer to clients is that I get to be “Personal”.  In this fast-pace, computer generated, anonymous place and time, it’s so important to BE Personal.  Not in an icky, stalker kind of way.  I mean in an AUTHENTIC way. The first and foremost reason I created My Concierge is to have a vehicle to take care of clients on a personal basis.  We all love to be taken care […]