Valuable little lessons from my Mom

In the many years of my organizing business there’s always one question that comes up.  How did you get started doing organization?  My response is that I’m the youngest of 12 children and I grew up in a home that was always neat and tidy.  It was very warm, comforting and there was “A place for everything and everything’s in its place”.  This is where I learned the “Mom-isms”.  Below are a few Mom-isms that I pass along to my clients from My Mom to help them become more organized.

  • There’s a place for everything and everything’s in it’s place

Everything that you own has a place in your life.  There was a reason that you bought it or acquired it.  If you’ve forgotten the reason, maybe it’s time to ask “Why do I have this?

  • Clean as you go

I learned that putting away a smaller pile and cleaning up smaller messes was much easier than cleaning up larger messes.  The key is to complete each step before going onto another project.  This is what I call having a system or a routine.  I know it sounds boring, but it’s very productive and less stress-full.

  • Tomorrow never comes

Have you heard this?  “I’ll take care of that tomorrow.  I have more time tomorrow”.  I’ve learned from people that it’s not that they are lazy or can’t accomplish the task.  It’s more about time management issues.  Writing out priorities on paper, a calendar or your smartphone/tablet device is crucial.  It’s here that you will see where your time is being spent, and if there is a need to weed out projects or delegate them to someone else.

  • One drawer at a time

A lot of disorganization is about being too overwhelmed.  People see the whole house or office in utter chaos.  I tell people.  “Just open one drawer or one closet.  The project is less intimidating than thinking you need to organize the whole space all at once.  It’s the same with paper management.  Take one piece of paper at a time and take it to its completion.  When you’re finished you will see and feel the accomplishment of an organized space.

  • How about now?

Again, it’s about setting priorities and avoiding procrastination.  Ask yourself, “How important is this task?”  What will happen when it’s complete?  I have more time, make more money or I make someone else’s day.  Give yourself the time and permission to complete your list of projects.  Even if it means kicking everyone out of the house or office for awhile to achieve that.

I thank my Mom regularly for this wise information and for the fun and great people-helping business concept.

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