Mary Boisselle, Chief Concierge, My Concierge, LLC, provides personalized attention to each client to be sure they are taken care of with the highest degree of service excellence and professionalism. Below are several testimonials from clients Mary has served.
"Mary helped me to take control of my daily, weekly and monthly scheduling with her Entrepreneur’s Time and Goal Management Scheduling System in January 2017 and it has been a game changer for both my personal and professional life. She helped me to identify my high-priorities and my low priorities and to be mindful of what was pulling my energies that needed to be delegated out. I was surprised to learn that my self-care routines had me in balance with my business routines and that was making a big and positive impact on my business. She delivered a tangible calendar schedule on a three-month cycle that I was able to implement immediately. I highly recommend working with Mary and incorporating her unique system into your business." – Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & Speaker Joie Gharrity

Project:  1-4-Hour organization appointment of an un-usable room.  Task:  Sort-organize-keep-toss-donate-shred
”I hired Mary to help me organize a room that I kept putting things in to deal with later and would just shut the door. Eventually, it got completely overwhelming with all the stuff I had put in there.  Mary came in, completely undaunted (and non-judgmental!) and dove right in. She made small, manageable piles for me to sort of things that required my discretion and she would recognize when I was getting a little spinny from it all and would re-direct my attention to something more manageable.  It took less than three hours to do something I thought would take at least three days. She even vacuumed when we were done!  It is amazing how much time, money, and energy you can save by working with a pro.  I highly recommend Mary for projects big and small. She’s an angel.” – Sadee W.

Project:  Weekly client – 6 Hours Weekly – (2) 3-hour appointments per week – full house management, personal assistant duties and event planning.
“Mary, we are grateful to you for being such a wonderful partner with our household projects.  The help that you and My Concierge, LLC provide is invaluable and so appreciated.” –  Aniko S.
Project:  House management and Personal assistant duties -Kept house ready and maintained for when client was in town (Seattle) and prepped for her next visit. 
“I could not have two homes, one in Scottsdale, AZ and one in Seattle, WA if not for the loyalty and excellence of Mary Boisselle and My Concierge, LLC.  Plumbing, electrical and housekeeping projects are all handled by long distance to perfection.” – Francie K.
Project:  2– 4-Hour organization appointments of organizing materials and supplies of a sewing/quilting room.
“Thank you again for all of your help!  It was great to work with you – not just because you really helped me accomplish so much but also because I just plain enjoyed your company!” – Ashley E.
Project:  Ongoing Monthly – Homeless Shelter Renovations- Organizing, staging and any other area GGB needs support.
“Mary has volunteered for GGB and has been a huge asset to our non-profit. She has helped to extend our network, consistently followed through and showed that she is reliable and organized. I highly recommend if you have a chance to work with Mary.” — Teresa V. – Experienced Business Development and PM Expert
Project:  As needed for projects – Organizing paperwork and updating/maintaining the bookkeeping.
“Mary has been my business personal assistant. She helps me to organize my business bookkeeping, does excel and word.” — HsuanHua C.– Leadership Development & Business Coaching